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Our Technology

SwabTech Ltd is developing a simple device to automatically extract blood from surgical swabs for subsequent processing via the ICS system.


This device will: 

  • Automatically wash swabs in a closed sterile environment
  • Produce consistently high red cell yields with minimal operator intervention
  • Release the scrub nurse from the burden of washing swabs
  • Reduce the health and safety issues associated with manual swab washing
  • Encourage hospitals and surgical teams to undertake swab washing
  • Maximise the blood they recover during surgery

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  • Increase the red blood cell yield
  • Be suitable for use during orthopaedic procedures
  • Help increase the return on investment from existing installed ICS systems
  • Save money on the use of donated blood following surgery
  • Enable more patients to benefit from the use of their own blood following surgery
  • Save scarce donated blood stocks for patients whose clinical need is greatest

Our objective is to ensure that our technology is set up in the right way for the right people. insight from clinicans and ICS pracitioners underpins our developments.  Identfying more about the current demands related to high blood loss surgery will help us bring this clinically led innovation to the right people in the right way.


If you are involved in Intraoperative Cell Salvage (ICS), as a clinician, healthcare provider or technology distributor, SwabTech would love to hear your views on where ICS and swab washing is used. Please do complete our brief survey.

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